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Inspire women through our codes handpicked by professional fashion stylists.

Powerful codes that give life to clothes.

We believe each day is our new zero, and at MAJAcodes, we value the importance of making the most of every second. We want to make it easier for you to select your daily outfits and help you have a more enjoyable experience as you get ready to kick your day off.

Women can spend about 15 minutes a day deciding what to wear, which is nearly a year’s worth of time spent in front of a wardrobe! Good news: we’re here! Whether going to work in the mornings, or out at night, or simply staying home, getting dressed is an activity that we all do daily. Selecting what to wear is part of our routine, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring or indecisive one. We believe that the way you spend your time getting ready for something can set the mood for how it will go.

Staying true to this mindset, we have formed a multi-disciplinary team of highly talented people that focuses on enhancing feminine beauty from a more convenient and effortless approach. With a wide selection of hand-picked codes by our fashion stylists, we have designed a hassle-free experience that allows you to make quicker decisions and feel great, comfortable, and beautiful, even if it’s just to stay at home to get work done or relax to the max.

It has probably happened to you that you say to yourself “I have nothing to wear” just as you look at your fully stocked closet, or that you have a special event coming up and you want to wear a specific outfit. Then you jump online for inspiration only to find out you are missing half of the items on that look you want, or the sources don’t mention the brand, name, style, or where to get it. This is when we step in to relive that frustration.

We have created the ultimate inspiration guide for effortless dressing and shopping. With a worldwide reach, we have designed complementing tools to traditional shopping that make a more complete experience than what you are used to. When you look at our codes, you can get every single item shown on the photos, from shoes, to clothing, to hats, to accessories. Our experience doesn’t stop at the moment you checkout and complete an order; our codes also accompany you in your daily dressing routine. You can even mix and match our codes to create your own – don’t forget to share those creations with us by tagging @majacodes.

So, what does codes mean? – well… you used to call it "looks". Now we’ve called it codes.

From L.A. with love.


From the founder

"We want to revolutionize the fashion industry by making time more efficient and providing a first-class service to our users".

Through our international shipping program we have reached 5 countries with free shipping (US, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Colombia) without extra customs costs, reaching thousands of international customers who were inspired by our codes and have been able to buy very easily at MAJAcodes®.